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Cross Training for Recovery

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In this video, learn about cross training and it's benefits for runners as part of the recovery period.

You can learn more techniques for recovery after running in the other videos in this chapter of our Running program!

Cross training is a great way of continuing to exercise without putting undue strain on your body. Learn how by watching this short video.


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In this video, you will learn how to better recover by practicing other sports alongside your running training.

This will allow you to improve your muscular and cardiovascular capacities.

We are going to look at two examples of active recovery through practicing two different endurance disciplines: cycling and swimming.

First, cycling.

Practice hilly rides and steep uphill climbs to strengthen your quadriceps and hamstrings.

Incorporate sprints into your training to develop your cardiovascular capacity.

To learn about the different exercises you can use, or the techniques you should adopt, take a look at our cycling videos.

Secondly, swimming.

Swim for 1 hour once a week to become more toned and flexible.

Swimming complements running because it helps you to strengthen your upper body.

Practice the backstroke to develop the muscles in your back and arms

The arm action requires a lot of work from your triceps and shoulders.

Kicking with your feet works your glutes.

You can look at our videos on swimming to learn proper backstroke techniques.

Practicing cycling and swimming can help you to better recover from the impact of running whilst increasing your muscular and cardiovascular capacity. Over to you!


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