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Make Bookshelf from Wooden Pallets

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Learn how to build a stylish bookcase from reclaimed wooden pallets in this simple tutorial!

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Upcycling: bookshelf made with wood pallets

In this video, we will learn how to make a bookshelf using wood pallets

We will need: 9 x 1 meter pallets a try square a pencil a saw a sander some sandpaper (medium grit) a nail hammer a screwdriver and screw (for wood)


You need to start by dismantling the pallets. To learn more watch the video "dismantle a pallet". Gather enough planks to get 32x 120 cm (48") planks, 12 x 25cm (10") and 24 x 20cm (8") wood pieces

Sand the wood using the medium grit sandpaper to remove the wood scraps

Cut the planks into 24 pieces of 20cm( 8") each

These parts will be used for shelves so it needs to be approximately equal to the width of two planks.

Be careful as the size of the planks will vary depending on the type of pallet you are using

Now cut 12 pieces of 25cm (10") in length

this furniture is designed with two types of unit

There are two, 25 cm wide, large units,

There are 6 other units that have the same width as a pallet, which is about 10cm.

We will make the large units first.

Measure and mark the planks in the middle.

Fix two 25cm board at the end of the plank

then fasten a 25cm board in the middle

Close it with a second plank.

Repeat the process to make 4 large units

we will start with the first narrow unit.

put two planks next to each other

Mark it to get 3 sections of equal dimensions

fix a 25cm piece at each end

screw a 25cm piece were the marks are

Then close the module with two planks

Repeat the previous step. However, before closing it, screw the unit with the one you assembled previously

In order to create a more original shape, shift up the pallet to create an asymmetrical look

Close the unit

Add to this a preassembled large module

To maintain an equal depth, you have to screw two large frames next to each other

continue like that varying the height and width to give the bookshelf an asymetrical look

Make sure there are 3 points of support on the ground. For the furniture to be stable.

Your have now built a bookshelf


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