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How to Dismantle a Wooden Pallet

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Learn how to take apart a wooden part to get the most out of it

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Once you've picked out a pallet for your project, you may need to dismantle it to be able to use the individual planks. Learn how to do this safely and effectively using this short tutorial video.

"Orange Blossom Honey" by Lawrence Blatt

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In this video, we are going to learn how to dimantle a wooden pallet

Here, we will dismantle an EUR EPAL pallet

We will need:

Safety goggles and gloves, a sledgehammer, a hammer, a pair of pliers and a crow bar

a palette and a plank of wood

Step 1: We will start with the bottom supporting blocks of the pallet

Place the pallet upside down and against a wall or ledge, so that the bottom planks are on top. Place your wooden plank against each cube and hit the plank with a sledgehammer. This will create a space between the bottom plank and the cube of wood it is nailed to, so that you can insert your crowbar more easily

Separate the bottom planks from the wooden cubes

put them to one side

step 2: Place your wooden plank under the palette to make removing the nails easier

Hit them with hammer

If they are bent, straighten them first using the pair of pliers

Step 3: Turn the pallet back over and remove the nails using the crow bar. If they are too long, use your wooden plank as a levering wedge to help get them out

Certain pallet models such as this one will require you to remove extra wooden planks

Step 4: Remove the nails from the last planks of wood

Step 5: Now separate the wood cubes from the bottom planks by hitting them with your sledgehammer. Use your crowbar if they are too tightly attached

Step 6: Finish by removing the final nails

You have now successfully dismantled your pallet, and have at your disposal both wooden planks and cubes for your DIY and decoration projects!


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