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Make a Coat Rack from Reclaimed Wood

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In this video you will learn how to make a coat rack from reclaimed wood.
Tools & Materials:
Wooden plans
Wall plugs and screws adapted to your wall
30mm Wood screws
6 x hooks
Tape measure
Steel square
Medium-Grit glass paper
drillbit adapted to your wall

Step 1: Cut: 3 x 1.20m planks and 2 x 1m plank
Step 2: Sand the wooden planks
Step 3: Fix the 1m planks horizontally on your wall
Step 4: Drill in the 1.20m plans vertically on your wall so they lie perpendicular to the 1m planks
Step 5: Fix the hooks in place

Credits: Lawrence Blatt - Reach for the Rainbow

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"Orange Blossom Honey" by Lawrence Blatt

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Adam.Mian - Sikana
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In this video we are going to learn how to make a coat rack out of reclaimed wood

You will need:

Some planks of wood, some screws and wall plugs (or dowels) best-suited to the wall on which you wish to mount your coat rack; some 30mm wood screws and 6 hooks

A tape measure, a steel square, a pencil, a saw, some medium-grit sandpaper, a drill-driver and a drill bit best-suited to the supporting wall you are working on

Here, we are going to make a coat rack that is 1.20m in height, and 1m in width

Measure and cut the wooden plans to your desired lengths. Here, we will need 3 planks measuring 1.20m

and two measuring 1m

Sand down your wooden planks using the medium-grit sandpaper

Now we can move on to assembling the coat rack

On the wall, fix your two 1 metre planks parallel to one another, with a gap of 40cm (15.7in) between them.

Next,, perpendicular to your 1m planks, screw in your 1.20m planks of wood

Finish by adding your coat hooks

Your coat rack is now finished!


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