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Make a Wooden Pallet Wine Rack

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In this video, you will learn how to make a wine rack from wooden pallets.

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In this video, we are going to learn how to make a wine rack from a wooden pallet

We will need:

pieces of wood from 1 wooden pallet and 40mm nails

safety gloves, a crowbar, a mallet, a ruler, a steel square, a pencil, a sander, a saw and a jigsaw, a wooden gouge or chisel, and medium and fine-grit sandpaper

In this example, we will make a wine rack measuring 60cm in length, 40cm in height, 15cm in depth

cut your pallet three slats from the end

then cut it to your desired width

remove a wooden slat from the remaining part of the pallet

remove any nails

Sand all of the wood down

Cut three pieces of wood measuring 5cm in length

and nail them to the pallet's supporting rafters

Measure the width of the wine rack

and cut a plank of wood to the same length. This will serve as the base of the wine rack.

On this plank of wood, mark out notches (every 6cm) from which you will be be able to hang wine glasses [using a jigsaw and chisel]

Leave a 5cm gap between the edge of the plank and the last notch

Attach this last plank of wood to the base of your wine rack

Your wine rack is now finished!


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