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DIY Pallet Projects: Wooden Stool

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Learn how to repurpose wooden pallets into a nifty stool with four legs in this simple video

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Upcycling: Making a stool out of Wooden Pallets

In this video, you will learn to make a stool out of wooden pallets.

You will need: a Wooden Pallet, Protective gloves, a measuring tape, a pencil, a saw, a sander, medium and fine grit sand paper, a hammer, 30mm nails, an electric screwdriver and a 2mm wood drill bit

The first step is to dismantle the pallet. To learn how to do this, watch our video "How to dismantle a wooden pallet".

Cut and gather 8x40cm (16") planks and 8x30cm (12") planks of wood.

Sand down the planks

Start by assembling the 40 centimetre planks together in pairs at a right angle.

Connect the legs together by fixing the 30cm planks on the top end of the legs

Finally, fasten the remaining planks on top of the structure to form the seat.

If your stool seems fragile especially around the legs, then do not hesitate to reinforce the structure by adding more screws.

Your Stool is now finished!


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