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How to Build a Bed Headboard

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In this video, you will learn how to build a headboard from wooden pallets for your bed

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In this video, we are going to learn how to build a headboard for a bed from wooden pallets

We will need:

4 pallets, 3 wooden strips, and some screws for wood

a tape measure, a ruler, a pencil, a saw, a sander with medium and fine-grit sandpaper, a sponge and a screw gun

In this example, we will make a headboard measuring 1.6m in width

Begin by dismantling your pallets. Refer to our video "how to dismantle a pallet" in order to learn how to do so.

We will need around 20 planks of wood measuring 1.20m in length.

To add a more polished finish to your headboard we are going to cut the ends of the wooden slats at angles=

Mark all the slats with a ruler between 110-120cm from one edge to the other

then cut with the saw

Prepare to wooden strips measuring 1.5m

Sand down your wooden slats with a medium-grit sandpaper to remove any dust and debris. Go over the edges and corners particularly well to ensure any splinters are removed

Next, use the fine-grain sandpaper for the finishing touches

Clean with soapy water

Then leave to dry

Now we will assemble the headboard

Place your planks of wood side by side to one another on a flat surface

Then screw in the two wooden strips perpendicularly across your planks

Leave a 5cm gap between the end of your wooden strip and the end of your wooden planks

Then measure the diagonal between the two parallel wooden strips

and cut a third strip measuring this length

Screw it in so that it joins the two parallel rafters at a diagonal

Your headboard is now finished!


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