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How to Stain Wood

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In this video, you will learn how to stain a wooden pallet.

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This simple tutorial video will show you everything you need to stain a wooden pallet for your upcycling projects, perfect if you don't want to conserve its original colour.

"Orange Blossom Honey" by Lawrence Blatt

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In this video, you will learn how to apply wood stain to a wooden pallet.

The aim of this techniques is to change the colour of the wood

To stain the wood of a pallet, we will need a paintbrush, some wood stain, and a recipient.

Prior to beginning staining, assure that you have sufficiently sanded and cleaned the surface of the wood that you wish to you stain

Pour the dye into a recipient.

Here we are using walnut stain, which is a natural product

Before beginning, it is recommended that you test to the colour of your stain on the back of your wood so as to be sure that it is the colour you desire

Water-based dyes such as walnut stain have the convenience of being easily diluted. Simply add some water to achieve a lighter colour.

Begin with the the edges, corners and areas that are tricky to access

Then paint the slat going in the same direction as the grain of the wood.

If the slat has any rough patches, dab with your paintbrush to ensure that the dye really penetrates the wood

Use a cloth to blot any access dye should you need.

Allow the wood around 10 minutes to soak in the dye

If you wish to intensify the colour, apply a second coat repeating the previous steps


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