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How to Build a Wooden Light and Shelf Fitting

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Recycle an old wooden pallet for a simple decorative DIY project

Upcycling is an eco-friendly way of decorating your home and giving and avoiding waste.

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In this video, we will learn how to make a wooden shelf with a light fitting

We will need a 3 metre wooden plank. In this example, we will use a recycled formwork wooden board, two right-angled square brackets, a wall lamp, a measuring tape, a steelsquare, a pencil, a sander, some sand paper, a saw, a circular saw, a screwdriver drill, a 8 mm wood drill bit, wood screws, a drill bit adapted supporting wall, screws and wall plugs also suitable for the supporting wall as well as an an electrician's screwdriver.

Start by cutting:

A first board of 1.5 metres in length, then a second one of 30 centimetres in length.

Drill a hole in the longest of the two boards, 20 centimetres away from one of its ends. Ensure the hole is horizontally in the middle of the plank

Then, add a second hole 3 centimetres higher.

Using the circular saw, make a groove along the entire length of the wood in which you can hide the power cable

Place the square brackets at the desired height. We chose to place ours at a height of 50 centimetres.

Screw the 30 cm plank to the longer plank at the height you have chosen.

Note that it is also possible to stain the wood should you wish. To learn how to do so, watch the video "How to Stain Pallet Wood"

Pull the power cable through the first hole.

complete the electrical connections

Mount the whole piece onto the wall, with a screw going through the second hole you drilled earlier

Then, mount the lamp on the shelf.

Your shelf is done and ready for use!


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