DIY Pallet Furniture: Coffee Table with Wheels

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In this video, you will learn how to make a coffee table from wooden pallets which is on wheels

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Upcycling: Make a Coffee Table with Wood Pallets

In this video we will learn how to make a coffee table out of a wooden pallet.

You will need:

A wooden Pallet Walnut wood stain Wood screws Four wheels Protective Gloves A sander Fine and Medium sand paper And a paint Brush

In this video, we will be making a table that is 120 centimetres long (48") and 80 centimetres wide (32").

Step 1: Sand the whole Pallet with the medium and then the fine grit sand paper.

Step 2: We are using a Walnut Wood Stain to dye the wood. This is a natural dye to give the wood a rustic appearance.

Step 3: Screw one wheel into each corner. You can now move your coffee table within your home.

Your Coffee Table is finished!

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