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DIY Project Ideas: Reclaimed Wood Table

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Learn a great way to turn old wood into a new coffee table

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You can even finish it with varnish or paint it to suit your taste

"Orange Blossom Honey" by Lawrence Blatt

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Upcycling: How to make a coffee table from wooden pallets - part 2

In this video, we will learn how to make a coffee table using wooden pallets.

We will need:

6 Pallets 2 battens measuring 30mm x 30mm x 300m

A measuring tape A carpenter's set square A pencil A saw A sander Medium - grit Sand paper Nails And a hammer

In this example, we will make a coffee table measuring 45 centimetres (1ft 6") in height, 80 centimetres (2ft 7.5") in length and 6 boards in width.

Begin by dismantling the pallets. If you need help with this you can watch our video "Upcycling: How to Dismantle a Pallet."

Prepare the wood to your taste. Here, we simply sanded the boards.

Mark out eight 45cm long slats, and then cut them.

Assemble them two by two in right angles.

we now have the 4 table legs.

Mark out four 74cm long battens, and then cut them,

Then 4 battens of an equal length to the 6 slats from the wooden pallet

The dimensions of the boards may differ depending on the model of the pallet, so you should measure them before cutting.

Next nail the posts to the table legs you made earlier.

Be sure to leave a space equivalent to the thickness of one board between the top of the table leg and the first post.

Mark out twelve 80 cm (2'7.5") slats.

Cut them.

Attach the slats to the frame that you have already assembled.

Start with the bottom shelf and then do the top.

Measure the length between the table legs.

Cut 4 slats to finish the edges along the width.

Then 4 more to finish the edges along the length and cover the supporting battens

Fix them to the battens of the frame.

Your coffee table is now finished!


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