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Make a Bookshelf from Reclaimed Wood

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Learn a great DIY design for a bookcase for your home and build it!

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"Orange Blossom Honey" by Lawrence Blatt

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Riteba McCallum
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UpCYCLING: Bookcase from Reclaimed Wood

In this video we'll build a bookcase out of reclaimed wood.

We'll need:

Seven 3m planks of reclaimed wood, a tape measure, a try square, 30mm and 50mm nails, a hammer, a sanding block, medium-grit sandpaper, a saw, a drill, and a 3mm wood drill bit.


In this example, we'll build a bookcase that's about 1 meter wide and 2.2 meters high.

Lightly sand the planks to clean them while preserving the wood's aged appearance.

Now we'll make the rectangular compartments.

For the first compartment cut two 100cm planks.

Then two 40cm planks.

Create three holes on one end of each plank. This will allow you to insert nails without splitting the wood.

Now form the frame by nailing one long plank to a short plank at a right angle.

Then attach the second short plank.

Close the rectangle with a final long plank.

To give your future bookcase an asymmetric look, create other compartments of similar height but varying widths.

Ensure that the sum of the modules' widths is equal to the width of the bookcase, which in this case is 102cm.

Therefore, if you create a 30cm module, the next one should be 72 cm wide.

Nail the modules together to ensure the bookcase is stable.

Your bookcase is now complete.


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