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DIY Pallet Furniture: Coffee Table

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In this video, you will learn how to make a coffee table from wooden pallets.

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In this video, you will learn how to make a coffee table from wooden pallets

2 X wooden pallets, walnut wood stain, some nails, wood screws and four table legs

A flat sanding block, some medium grit sandpaper, a saw, a hammer a screw gun, a tape measure and a paintbrush

Step 1: Start by dismantling one of your two pallets in order to recover its wooden slats. To learn more about this stage, see the video: “How to dismantle a pallet”

Step 2: If necessary, cut the remaining pallet down to the length you desire

Step 3: Sand the wood to remove any debris and rough patches

It might well be that the width of the wooden slats is larger than that of the empty spaces.

In which case take out your tape measure

Then cut your wooden slats down to the correct size

Step 4: Nail them down so that that they fill in the gaps between each slat

Step 5: Add some more slats on the underside of the pallet in order to create a space large enough to house some books or magazines.

Step 6: Fix a table leg at each corner of your pallet.

Step 7: For a better-looking finish, apply some walnut stain, wood stain or varnish

Your coffee table is now finished!


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