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How to Varnish Wood

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In this video, you will learn how to varnish the wood from a pallet.

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Follow the instructions in this simple video tutorial to give your upcycled pallet wood a great finish!

"Orange Blossom Honey" by Lawrence Blatt

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In this video, we are going to learn how to varnish the wood of a pallet

We will need:

A sander, sandpaper of varying grit size, a brush, a vacuum, a paintbrush, a cloth

some varnish and some steel wool

Begin by sanding the wood, following the steps outlined in the tutorial: "How to sand a wooden pallet." Be careful that you get rid of all splinters or rough patches

Brush the wood, then vacuum it to ensure that any remaining dust is removed

Apply a thin coat of varnish brushing in the same direction as the grain of the wood, in order to avoid leaving any obvious brush marks

Leave to dry for the time indicated on your tin of varnish or in its 'instructions for use'

Then use your steel wool to eliminate and brush marks or any imperfections left by the first coat

brush and vacuum away the dust a second time

Then, apply a second coat of varnish following the previous steps

At least two coats of varnish are normally required, but you can apply multiple coats until you achieve your desired result

Your wooden pallet is now successfully varnished!


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