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Rollerblading Exercise: Skate on the Front and Back Wheels

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Learn a few cool tricks to take your inline skating to the next level

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In this free video we show you how you can skate on your front and back wheels

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Exercise: Skating on the front and back of your inline skates

In this video, you will learn two exercises to try when skating, skating on the front and back wheels.

These exercises will also help you to achieve better balance.

Here are two new positions: the letter box and the litte car.

First, the letter box.

Place yourself in front of a wall, a street light, or a door.

Hold on with your hands, eyes forward, head up, feet in an offset scissor stance

Slide one leg forward to balance your weight on the heel, and simultaneously, slide the other back to balance your weight on the toes and shin.

With this shift of weight, the point of your front foot will rise, as well as the heel of your back foot.

Once you have mastered this stationary phase, set off to try it out while skating

Pick up speed for about 10 metres.

Stay straight, head up, watching approximately 5 metres ahead.

Adjust your weight to get into the previous position while rolling.

Second, the little car.

Pick up speed for about 10 metres.

Let yourself roll forward with your feet in an offset position, keeping your head up.

Lower down slowly onto your back heel, placing both hands on the knee of your front leg

Kneel down by bending both legs so that you're sat on your back heel

Once down, you are in the little car position.

Roll forward until you come to a stop !

Use these exercises to have fun and to work on your balance.

Over to you !

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