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Going Up and Down Stairs

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Learn how to safely get up and down stairs while wearing inline skating

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With time you'll be able to get up and down stairs in skates almost as quickly as when wearing normal shoes!

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In this video, you'll learn how to go up and down stairs while wearing inline skates

First we'll show you how to go up stairs, then how to go down them

So, how to go up stairs

To begin climbing stairs, spread your feet into a V shape, pressing your weight out and away from your body

Keep your head up to maximise your field of vision

Transfer all of your weight on to either one of your feet and raise the other, placing it on the first step

Then transfer all of your weight onto this raised foot to then be able to bring your second foot to the step above it

For greater stability, wedge your supporting foot against the vertical part of the step

Continue climbing in this way until your get to the stop of the stairs. Try to maintain the ready position with your feet pressed against the tongue of your skates - but don't lean forwards excessiely

Secondly, going down stairs

Position yourself next to the stairs

stand facing a wall or railing and use it to help you balance

Keep your head up and your shins pressed against the tongues of your skates

Transfer your weight onto the foot closes.t to the side you are descending on

Then bring the foot furthest from the descent around the back of your front, supporting leg. Bend your knees slightly as your cross over your feet. Place the non-supporting foot on the step below

Then transfer your weight onto this foot and bring the other foot down onto the step below it- crossing over the back of your leg as before

Do this until you get all the way down

Over to you!


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