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How to Heelbrake

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Learn how to use your heelbrake to stop effectively when out skating

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Pairs of inline skates come with a heel brake. Over time and with regular use it will wear down so make sure you know when and how to replace it

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In this video, you'll learn how to brake using the heel brake

This technique is very effective to brake over short distances

The two steps you'll need to follow to brake with your heel brake are: getting into the scissors stance, then applying the brake

First, getting into the scissors stance

Pick up a bit of speed and start gliding

To get into the scissors stance, shift slightly more of your weight onto the skate which has the heel brake, until it moves forward the length of around half a skatein front of your other foot.

Try to maintain the ready position for both feet and keep your body facing in the direction of travel

Secondly, applying the heel brake

For your back leg, maintain the ready position with the shin pressed against the tonge of the skate

For the forward, braking foot, shift your pressure from the front ot the back by extending your leg

Then press down on the heel of the front foot so that you begin to brake

To reduce your braking distance, press down harder!

If you brake is new, the first few times your brake might be a little weak

Once the brake has been used a few times and worn in slightly, its braking power will improve

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