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How to Clean Skates

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Learn how to clean and maintain your inline skates

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Remember to check the condition of your skates regularly since wear and tear can be dangerous if ignored

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In this video you are going to learn how to look after your roller skates.

To do this, you will need the following items: some newspaper or paper towels, Allen keys or hex keys of various sizes, a cross-head screwdriver, a toothbrush, a cloth and lubricant or penetrating oil.

To keep your skates in a good condition, follow these three steps: checking the overall condition, checking and changing the wheels and cleaning your skates.

Firstly, checking the overall condition.

For every third time you skate, make sure you check your equipment.

Using Allen keys or socket wrenches of various sizes, check that the nuts and bolts are securely tightened and if necessary, retighten them.

Check the frame: the long part made of carbon, plastic or metal which joins the wheels to the boot of the skate.

Also check the screws located on the brake.

Check the brake pad for wear and tear. The pad must not wear down to the marker indicating the maximum level of use.

Also check that the rbake pad does not move.

If necessary, use a cross-head screwdriver to change the pad or simply tighten it.

Secondly, checking and changing the wheels.

Every third time you go skating, check that your wheels are attached correctly and securely

Tighten the nuts and bolts with hex keys and check that the wheels are still able to spin.

Every tenth time you go out on your skates, check your wheels for wear and tear.

When you are starting out, the wear and tear on the wheels is often staggered and uneven.

Spread the wear and tear out evenly between the wheels so that this doesn't bother you.

Unscrew the wheels from the left skate so that you can put them on the right skate, and vice-versa.

Also change the order of the wheels: replace the back wheel of the left skate with the front wheel of the right skate and so on and so forth.

Thirdly, cleaning your skates.

Every tenth time you go out on your skates, remove your wheels.

Scrub the axles, or trucks, and wheels with a dry toothbrush in order to remove dust or residue, such as hair.

Put penetrating oil on the nuts and bolts and on the axles then reassemble the wheels.

Next, put penetrating oil on the bearings of your wheels.

Dry your skates with a cloth after using them in the rain,

Put them on some newspaper so that any moisture is absorbed.

After at least three hours, and without removing the wheels, put some penetrating oil on each side of the bearings of each wheel.

Every time you go out on your skates, don't forget to leave them "wide open" afterwards in order to air them.

Take care of your skates so that you can skate in the best possible conditions,

Over to you!


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