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How to Put on Inline Skates

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Learn how to correctly put on and fasten your inline skates

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This is an essential step to ensure your safety and comfort before you start learning to skate

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In this video, you will learn how to put on your inline skates.

To put on your skates, follow these three steps: prepare your skates, put them on, and tighten straps and laces

First, preparing your skates.

Seat yourself on a chair, a bench, or a low wall. This position will allow you to put on your skates more easily.

Place your feet and your skates in front of you and make sure that the left and right skates match with your left and right feet.

Choose a skate and loosen all the straps.

Next, open the tongue towards the front to make room for your foot.

Second, puting your skates on

Hold the skate with both hands and slide the tip of your foot in.

Then push in with your heel to settle your foot against the sole.

Pull your sock back up to get rid of any uncomfortable wrinkles

Pull the tongue back against your foot and close the straps or buckles.

Third, tightening

Always tighten your skate from bottom to top.

You dont need to secure your foot in place too tightly

It should be held in position, but not compressed.

Don't forget that your foot will swell a bit during your skate

Move your toes around to make sure you're comfortable

The straps around your shins should be firm with your calf well secured.

There should be no gap between the skate and your leg.

Make sure that you have no pain, but that you cannot fit your fingers between the skate and your leg while in a seated position.

While upright, you will have a little more room.

In case of pain, start from the beginning and readjust.

Repeat these steps with the other skate.

Now you've got your skates on, you're ready to get going!

Over to you!


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