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Rollerblading Exercise: How to Fall Safely

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Learn how to practice your falls so that you land safely when rollerblading and minimise risk of injury

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Inline skating is a great activity anyone can try!

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In this video, you'll learn how to practise falling when skating

Here is an exercise that you can adapt to have fun sliding along the ground

Place two markers on the ground, around two metres apart

Position yourself ten metres away, push off and gain speed

When you're level with the markers, lower yourself down to adopt the 'kneeling Knight' position

To learn more about this position, watch the video 'learning how to fall'

Let yourself slide as far as you can along the ground.

Alternate the sliding phases by switching the leg you kneel on or adopting the 'Little Wagon' position

If you have a partner, have a contest by pushing off together- the one who slides the furthest wins!

To vary the exercise, push off face to face a few dozen metres away from each other

Calculate the distance necessary for dropping down and sliding in the same position on your kneepads

You can choose to reach each other and stop or do a high five

You can also practise dropping down together, side by side and holding hands

Over to you!


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