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Rollerblading Excercise: How to Brake

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In this exercise, you are going to practice braking when inline skating

To help you practise training, here are three exercises: precision braking, slowing down, then emergency braking

First, precision braking

Place two cones around one metre apart so that you're able to pass between them comfortably. Then balance a light bar or stick across the two cones.

Then place a marker, in this example two more cones, around 2 metres behind the first pair of cones

Start around 10 metres away, push off and skate towards the cones

Getting into braking position and apply the heel brake just before you reach the first pair of cones

To learn more about this positiong, take a look at our videos on "using the heel brake"

Brake slowly and gradually upto the second marker

Repeat the exercise several times reducing the braking zone between the two sets of markers from 2metres, down to 1metre

Seconly, slow down

This time, Place a cone on the floor and another 1 metre behind it

Set of as before and apply the heel brake when you get to the first cone in order to slow down until you arrive at the second - but do not stop completely.

Once at the second cone, relase the brake and resume skating

Repeat this several times, increasing the braking zone from one to two then to three metres.

Thirdly emergency braking.

As before, using your cones, create a braking zone of 1, 2 or 3 metres

Set off, roll and brake with the heel brake once your pass the 1st cone in order to slow down gradually. Then, braking with greater force, stop suddenly at the second cone.

If you have a partner, adapt the exercise by place a cone 2 metres apart from 6 more cones or markers which spaced in line, 50cm apart

Set off and once you get to the first cone, your partner calls out the number of the marker at which you have to stop.

Over to you!


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