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How to Skate Over and Around Obstacles

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With our rollerblading tutorial, we'll show you how to turn and get around obstacles like pavements and potholes

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Inline skating is a fun way to spend an afternoon, and a handy way of travelling around the city

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In this video, you will learn to skate over and around obstacles in inline skates.

Here are some situations you'll need to master while skating: descending a kerb, ascending a kerb, and adapting to different obstacles.

First, descending a kerb.

Pick up speed while approaching the pavement.

Roll forward with your feet in a scissors stance, weight distributed evenly, shins leaning over the tongues of the skates

To better understand this position, watch our video on "braking using the plow stop".

Once you're near the kerb, slide your foot closest to the kerb forward.

Keep your head up and your eyes forward.

When skating over the kerb, bend slightly more at the knees putting weight on the knees and feet to soften the transition between the pavement and the road.

To descend a taller kerb, pick up more speed in advance.

Second, ascending a kerb.

Just like before, pick up speed with your feet in the scissors stance, shins leaning against the tongues of the skates while approaching the kerb.

Once you're near the kerb, slide your foot closest to the kerb forward.

Keep your head up and your eyes looking ahead.

When skating over the kerb, lessen the pressure on your feet to to lift your skates up smoothly

To go up a larger kerb or sidewalk, transfer your weight onto your front foot. then lift your back foot and bring it over onto the sidewalk.

Put your weight on the foot which is now on the sidewalk to bring the other one over as well.

Third, adapting to different obstacles.

If you come across a grate or grid, slide your feet apart on opposite sides of the obstacle.

Don't put too much weight on your feet and pass around the obstacle in this way

Finally, if you come across a hole or pothole, anticipate your movement ahead of time and go around it.

To skate over or around an obstacle, observe your environment and adapt your speed and posture.

Over to you!


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