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How to Skate Backwards

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Learn how to rollerblade backwards in this free tutorial

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Remember to always look at where you are going when skating backwards

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In this video, you will learn how to skate backwards.

To get going with this move, follow these two steps: getting into position while stationary, and then setting off.

Firstly, getting into position while stationary.

Put your feet in an A shape stance, with your toes pointing towards each other and your heels spread further apart.

Make sure you're knees are slightly bent in the ready position, your shins against the tongues of your skates. Your feet, hips and shoulders will be in a straight line with the chest straight.

While maintaining this position, turn your head so that you're looking behind you with your chin over your right or left shoulder.

place hand thats on the same side as the one you've turned your head to, behind you at hip level

Keeping your hand parallel to the ground in this position, you should be able to see your fingertips in your field of vision.

Keep your head up and look behind you.

Secondly, starting to move.

In order to move yourself, put your weight onto one foot, pushing harder on the front of your foot and toes

Start, for example, pushing down on your right foot, and at the same time slightly turning your left foot so that it is parallel to your right foot.

Then put your left foot as it was at the start and transfer your weight onto it.

Repeat the same steps on the other side.

Keep changing sides to build up speed.

To get into the rolling or scissors stance, press your shins againt the tongues of your skates

Finally, to stop when skating backwards, brake using a wide leg stance, feet straight and shifting your weight to the outside

Skating backwards will take a bit of practice to get right so take your time before jumping into it!

over to you!


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