Learn about Inline Skating - SikanaLearn about Inline Skating - SikanaLearn about Inline Skating - Sikana
Learn about Inline Skating - SikanaLearn about Inline Skating - SikanaLearn about Inline Skating - Sikana
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Roller Squad Institut

Dedicated to teaching roller and inline skating safety and well-being since 1991, the RSI's mission is to to promote rollerskating as a practical, sociable and fun sport that brings people together and forms part of a healthy lifestyle. They do this through offering lessons, courses and skating trips to people of all ages, whatever their level of experience! By teaching proper and best practices, the RSI helps skaters to stay safe, and guides them towards complete independence. It's this goal that has led to their collaboration with Sikana: teaching people about rollerskating and urban skate while respecting both their environment and the RSI core values.


Discover all the basic elements you need to get started inline skating. The program is broken down into 3 chapters. In the first, you will find everything you need to know to get started: how to put on your safety gear, and clean and maintain your new skates.
Chapter two then takes things a step further as we start rolling. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to stand up and balance safely, how to turn, how to brake and slow down and how to avoid obstacles in your path.
The third and final chapter present you with some fun games and exercises you can try alone or with friends. These help you put everything you’ve learned together, in a fun way.
Follow the videos one-by-one and until you’ve mastered them all. Inline skating isn’t something which comes naturally to everyone straight away. Be patient and get used to stumbling and losing your balance. Eventually, with enough time and practise you will be able to roll confidently and safely and discover a great new sport which is an effective cardio workout and a novel way to get from A to B! Always remember to respect the traffic laws for the country you are in.

Program details

Viewing time: 45 min

Number of video(s): 22

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