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Rollerblading Exercise: Work on Your Personal Stride

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Learn how to find your own cadence and skating rhymthm in this free inline skating tutorial

Inline skating, or rollerblading, is a great way to travel and stay active. Remember you're still technically a pedestrian when skating so be considerate and stay safe when out on the streets

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Hannah Thompson
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In this video, you will work on your stride.

To improve your glide, here are two exercises: varying your stride, and slaloming

Firstly, varying your stride.

Stand in front of a long straight line or a large loop.

Push off and maintain a regular and equal weight transfer to find your own personal stride.

Count out loud '1,2' on each glide, so two beats for each foot.

Change to a short stride by switching your gliding foot each time you count '1', so after one beat of the same rhythm.

Count out loud, '1', '1', and increase the frequency of your strides by decreasing the gliding time.

Do twenty strides at this cadence.

Now switch to a long stride by prolonging the glide to four beats.

Count out loud, "1, 2, 3, 4" and slow the frequency of your strides by increasing the gliding time.

Here, too, do twenty strides at this cadence.

Secondly, slaloming.

Place 4 or 5 cones, plates or other objects at least four metres apart in a straight line.

Push off and do a series of strides without stopping.

Move in a curved line by varying your weight transfers and your glides to slightly change direction as you approach the cones.

Pass to the right of the first obstacle, then to the left of the second, and so on.

This exercise allows you to work on your strides by including curved paths.

Over to you!


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