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How to Stand up on Rollerblades

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Learn how to get up safety while wearing inline skates

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This can be tricky when just starting out, so don't worry if you lose your balance. Try it somewhere where the landing will be soft in case you fall

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In this video, you are going to learn how to stand up whilst wearing inline skates.

To stand yourself up, there are two options you can use: from a seated position or from the ground.

Firstly, from a seated position.

Start by sitting with your knees bent, and with your skates pointed straight out and flat on the floor.

Rest your shins against the tongues at the front of your skates, in the 'ready position'

In the skates, let your heels lift lightly and transfer your weight to the front of your feet, at the ball of your feet and your toes.

This is called the "ready position" position.

Lift your head up and look about 3 to 5 metres in front of you.

Stay in this position and hold onto your seat firmly with your hands.

To stand up, push with your hands and your feet at the same time, and transfer the weight of your body towards the front of your skates.

Keep your legs bent a little to maintain stability.

Secondly, from the ground.

Get down on to your hands and knees.

Lift your head up and look straight in front of you.

Bring one foot in front of you and put the wheels flat on the floor whilst straightening your upper body.

Your front knee should be bent, with your lower leg in the "ready" position so that your heel is positioned underneath your hips and your hands are placed on this front knee.

To stand up, push on your hands and your front foot.

Transfer the weight of your body towards the front of the skate on your supporting foot, bring the other leg forward and put your feet together.

You can also keep both hands on the ground between your knees.

First, bring one leg forward, and then the other whilst remaining in a squatting position.

Both of your knees are now bent, with your lower legs in the ready" position. Your heels should be in line with your buttocks.

Stand up by pushing with both your hands and your legs as before.

Before skating, you have to know how to stand up in all situations.

Now it's over to you!


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