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How to Fall Safely

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Learn how to fall safely should you skid, lose your balance or have to turn sharply

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Even the most experienced skaters can take an unexpected tumble - learn how to land safely to minimise the risk of injury

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In this video, you will learn how to fall while inline skating.

Learning to fall down properly will allow you to avoid hurting yourself in case of a tumble, and to skate with confidence!

To make good use of your protective gear in case of a fall, you have two options: the 'kneeling knight' position, or the 'little wagon' position.

First, the kneeling knight' position.

Gain some speed and glide in the 'scissors stance', the weight of your body evenly distributed between both feet, your feet in the 'ready position'.

Keep your head lifted and lower your back knee until it touches the ground.

Rest your buttock on the heel of your rear leg.

Your front leg will be bent, the wheels of your front skate will remain flat and in contact with the ground.

Glide along like this until you come to a stop.

Do this a few times on each side so that you can adapt and respond quickly if you lose your balance.

Secondly, the little wagon position

As before, gain some speed and enter the 'scissors stance', your feet in the 'ready position.'

Place your hands on your knees, lean forward, and lightly bend both knees.

Keep your head up, looking straight ahead.

Allow yourself to fall forwards onto either your right hand and knee or your left, then onto the other hand and knee.

be sure to fall on your protective equipment.

Adopt a tucked, compact position: your back parallel to the ground, your legs bent at a 90 degree angle, your hands on the ground under your shoulders and your head up looking in front of you

Glide along like this on your wrist supports and knee pads until you come to a stop.

Practice this position several times, alternating which side you fall with first.

Knowing how to fall will allow you to skate safely. Now over to you!


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