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Start Skating and Pick up Speed

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In this video you'll learn how to start skating for the very first time and pick up a little speed

Have you seen our other videos on inline skating?

These are your first steps to becoming a skater so be patient and don't run before you can walk!

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In this video, you will learn to how start skating and how to pick up speed

There are three fundamental steps to skate correctly: positioning yourself to get going, moving off, and picking up speed.

First, positioning yourself

Stand upright in your skates, your feet straight and aligned with your hips, and your legs lightly bent.

Keep your shoulders and upper body straight with your head lifted.

Be sure to have your feet in the "ready position."

To learn how to enter the "ready position," watch our video "Standing Up."

Place your feet in a V, leaning forwards slightly

Remain still and practice with shifting the majority of your weight onto your left foot then do the same for the right foot

Second, start moving.

Stand upright, looking straight ahead, your arms bent and wrists lifted upwards

To start your movement, shift the weight of your body to one foot. The left, for example.

The right foot, with no weight on it, will naturally lift up on its own

hold it behind your supporting left leg

Then put your right foot back down and transfer your weight onto it, switching your supporting legs

Third, pick up speed.

Alternate 4 to 6 transfers from one side to the other in order to gain speed, then assume the "gliding stance for 4 to 5 meters.

For a proper gliding stance enter the "ready position," with your legs lightly bent, your skates parallel, and your head lifted.

To regain speed, resume shifting your weight from one foot to the other.

Take the time to fell and control the transfer of weight and the positioning of your feet. This will be the key to your movement.

Over to you!


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