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Rollerblading Exercise: Work on Your Personal Stride

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Watch this free on inline skating to help you find and work on your personal stride when rollerblading

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Everyone skates at a different cadence and rhythm, practice until you find yours!

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In this video, you will learn how to find your personal stride and cadence

To find it, follow these two steps: work on your scissors stances, then find your personal stride

First, working on your scissors stances

Stand on a straight line or path

Set off and after 3 pushes get into a scissors stance with the left foot in front

Roll. Then after another 3 pushes get into a right-foot scissors stnace

Repeat this sequence five times to get into the habit of finding the scissors stance quickly

Secondly, working on your personal stride

Stand on a straight line or a large loop

Set off and skate transferring your weight from one foot to the other.

Do around 20 strides without stopping

If you feel that you are no longer able keep going, focus on the quality of your strides and carry on slowly

Repeat the exercise skating longer and longer each time.

The goal of this exericise is to help you skate in a smooth and regular way, with a light and flexible body, and to work on your endurance.

the stride and cadence you adopt over this exercise will be your personal stride

By working on your scissors stance and stride, you'll be able to cover longer distances without getting tired!

Over to you!


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