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Rollerblading Exercise: How to Turn and Avoid Obstacles

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Learn a simple exercise to help you work on your turns and accident prevention when inline skating

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In this video you are going to practice turning while skating

You'll need to cones or markers

To control your turns and changes in direction, here are several exercises: the big eight, ultimatum and avoid to pass

First, the big eight

Line two cones on the floor 10 metres apart

To do the big 8, stand to the right of the first cone and set off

Pass around the left-hand side of the second cone

And turn around it

To learn how to turn, watch our video "how to turn!"

Then aim to return to the first cone, this time turning around the right hand side. Start again making this figure of eight shape multiple times

Make sure to always look at where you plan to turn. Work on the alignment of your shoulder and your scissors stance, as well as the use of both feet when skating

Secondly, ultimatum.

For this exercise, you will need two partners

Stand around 10metres away from your first partner

the second should be in line with the first partner, 3 metres behind them.

set off, skating towards your first partner

when you are at around 2 metres from them, the first partners holds out either their right of left arm, out to the side

You'll need to react and turn the other side to pass around them freely

Skate on to the next partner who raises their arm in the same way.

Skate past them on the side on which they have not raised an arm.

Continue until you're in line with your second partner - around 3 metres behind them.

It will be first partner's turn to set off and try the exercise.

Repeat the exercise several times switching roles.

Thirdly, avoid to pass.

Position yourselves as before but with a 5 metre gap between your two partners

Skate towards them and pick up speed

When you are 1.5metres from your first partner, exaggerate the rotation of your shoulder to one side to quickly change your lineof travel and dodge your partner

As soon as you have skated around your partner to one side, rotate your shoulders in the opposite direction to resume travelling along your initial line.

As you approach your second partner do the same - turning your shoulders towards the direction of travel and then quickly the other way once you skate by them, to continue skating in your original line of travel.

Repeat the exercises between yourselves to work on your turning

Over to you!


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