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How to Turn

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Learn how to turn both quickly and gradually in this free tutorial on inline skating

Learn more about skating with the inline skating program

inline skating, also called rollerblading is a populay sport, great for fitness and for getting from A to B

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In this video, you will learn how to turn when inline skating

To change direciton, here are two possible options: a drifting turn, or a classic turn

First, the drifting turn

Pick up some speed and let yourself roll, spread your weight across both feet un the ready position

To drift turn to the right then, adopt a right-side scissors stance where the right skate moves slightly in front of the left, all while keeping your shins pressed against the tongues of your skates

To learn more about the scissors stance check out our video on the plough stop

Shift more of your weight over to the advanced, right leg

At the same time, look to the right, with your chin touching your shoulder. Keep your head straight

Your back and hips should continue facing the intial direction of travel

Then let yourself drift gradually to the right

secondly, turning

Pick up some speed and get into the scissors stance as before

To turn, wrap your arm around your body, placing the arm opposite to the direction you are turning in front of you. Here the right arm is in front to turn to the left.

This position will allow you to turn naturally and more quickly than letting yourself turn by drifting

Practise mastering these two turning techniques at different speeds.

Over to you!


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