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Rollerblading Exercise: How to Skate Confidently

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Learn some great and fun exercises to help you become a better inline skater

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Try these fun games with friends or adapt them to solo sessions.

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In this video, you are going to discover some skating games so that you can get used to skating in any direction!

You will need one or two partners, an object that you can pass to each other with your hands and around thirty different objects.

Here are two games to help you get used to your skates : catch and tidying your bedroom.

Firstly, catch.

Hold an object in your hands, for example a small bottle of water or a ball.

Find an area measuring approximately 10 by 10 metres and skate around it in all directions,

Move in straight or curved lines and alternate between strides by transfering your weight and simple gliding.

Without stopping, throw the bottle of water, or your chosen object, between you and your partners as many times as possible without dropping it

Count the number of catches and start over several times in order to beat your record.

Secondly, tidying your bedroom.

In an area measuring approximately 10 by 10 metres, spread out thirty objects or so. Here we are using cones but you can also use bottles of water, jumpers or any other large objects.

Just outside this zone, place one marker per player, or per team if there are several players.

Stand by your marker in order to start the game.

The aim is to bring back as many objects as possible to your marker, but you can only take one object at a time.

To win, keep moving back and forth between the zone and your marker.

This game will enable you to manage your speed, balance and coordination on skates without you even realising it.

Over to you!


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