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Serve: Doubles Rules

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In this video, you will learn the doubles rules to serve.

If you want to learn more specialized techniques on serving please watch the next video on the program.
This video is designed for everyone who wants to learn the rules of badminton.

Watch this simple tutorial video to help you brush up on the rules for the serve in doubles

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In this video you will learn the rules for the serve in doubles

The serve is used to start the rally and therefore it is essential to know the rules.

The three key points to remember are the position, the delivery and the scoring.

The position - To begin, stand in the right service court within the limits your own service court.

In doubles, a serve can fall into the side tramlines but not the back tramlines.

Both feet should be stationary on the ground until you contact the shuttle.

Make sure the receiver is ready before you swing your racket.

At contact, the shuttle must be below the waist.

Make sure you hit the base of the shuttle.

The Delivery - Hit the shuttle over the net into the service court diagonally opposite.

The underarm action should be a continuous forward movement.

You are not allowed to feint the opponent and deceive him.

The Scoring - In doubles only one player gets to serve.

If a player wins the point, he switches the service court and continues to serve.

The receivers do not switch service courts.

If he loses the point, the opponent gets to serve.

Remember, when the serving team's score is an even number, the person in the right service court serves.

When the score is an odd number, the person in the left service court serves.

In this case, the opponent team score is odd and therefore the opponent in the left service courts serves.

Keep in mind all the points mentioned earlier to hit a legal serve in doubles.

Enjoy the game! .


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