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How to Hit a Backhand Flick Serve

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In this online video you will learn how to hit a backhand flick serve.

This video is a part badminton video series. Please watch the rest of the videos to learn more about the sport of badminton.
This video aims to teach beginners the basics of serving in a match.

Follow the simple instructions in this video tutorial to learn how to hit a backhand flick serve

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In this video you will learn how to hit a backhand flick serve.

The backhand flick serve is an extremely effective way to catch your opponent off-guard as he would normally expect a low or a high serve.

The three key steps are the preparation, the shot and the recovery.

Step 1 - The preparation.

Use a backhand grip.

Stand in front and centre corner of the service box with your weight on the front foot and the racket foot forward.

Hold the skirt of the shutlle shuttle with the thumb and the index finger.

The other three fingers should be extended away so that they don't obstruct your serve.

The racket should be angled downward and right behind the shuttle.

The shuttle feathers should be inclined toward the net and the shuttle should be pointing toward your knee.

Step 2 - The shot.

Bend from the elbow with a slight downward-facing bend of the arm and take the racket back.

The other hand should be still.

Flick the shuttle over the opponent with the racket moving quickly in the same arc as the backswing.

Remember to tighten the grip right before the impact and release the shuttle at the last minute.

You can also stop the racket with a slight rebound movement.

Make sure the shuttle is below the waist at the time of contact and both feet are grounded, otherwise it will be an illegal serve.

Step 3 - The recovery.

After the serve get into the ready position and be prepared for the return.

Practice your serve until you master the flick and the right trajectory to surprise your opponent.

Enjoy your game! .


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