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How to Hit an Underhand Forehand Clear

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In this short video, you will learn how to hit an underhand forehand clear.

This video is a part of the badminton video series. Check out the next video to learn more about the sport of badminton.
This video is designed for beginners as well as badminton players who want to practice to improve their skills. It's used to force your opponent to the rear court.

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial video to master the necessary technique for hitting an underhand forehand clear

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In this video you will learn how to hit an underhand forehand clear.

The underhand clear, also known as a lob, is an effective shot to drive the opponent into the rear court. It is played from the forecourt to the opponent's rear court.

The underarm clear is a defensive shot and it is generally used to counter a drop shot.

The three key steps are the preparation, the shot and the recovery.

Step - 1 The preparation. Use a forehand grip.

Start by doing a side-step as soon as the opponent has hit the shuttle. Shuffle forward and lunge on the racket leg.

Step 2 - The shot. Take the racket arm back. Extend the racket forward with the arm outstretched.

Snap your wrist and hit the shuttle along its original trajectory. Follow through upward with the racket.

Make sure the shuttle is well in front of you and not to your side.

The underhand clear should drop perpendicular to the ground and land between the baseline and the long doubles service line.

Newcomers to the sport will often tend to put the shuttle in the mid-court making it easy for the opponent to attack.

Step 3 - The Recovery. Once you have put the shuttle deep, push off with both legs and shuffle back and get back to the ready position.

Practice your underhand clears with your opponent until you are able to get them nice and deep without too much effort.

Enjoy your game!


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