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Drill: Improve Your Smash and Clear

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Here's a great exercise to improve on your smash and clear shot techniques.

This video is a part Badminton video series. You can watch the next video to learn more drills about the sport of Badminton.
This video is great for anyone looking for ways to add power to their shots

Follow the steps in this simple tutorial video to master your smash and clear technique

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Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video you will learn how to improve your smashes and clears.

The smash and block techniques are necessary skills and require a lot of practice.

The Drill - Player 1 feeds the Player 2 with clears in the rear court.

Player 2 smashes the shuttle into Player 1's forecourt.

Player 2 should be ready for the next clear as soon as they have hit the shuttle.

Player 1 could feed in the centre, to the forehand or the backhand.

The objective nevertheless remains to hit forehand smashes in the forecourt.

Swap roles once you have hit 15 to 20 smashes.

Once you're done with the feeding drill, you can play a game where the Player 1 feeds Player 2 with a high serve.

Player 1 moves to the centre of the court and stands just a little behind the service line.

Player 2 tries to hit a winner, an un-returnable smash.

If player 1 manages to send the shuttle back within the singles court, he scores a point.

If the smash is a winner, Player 2 scores a point.

Alternate the server after each point and the player who reaches 10 points wins the game.

Enjoy the game! .


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