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How to Serve in Singles

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This video gives the details on returning a serve in a game of singles badminton

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It is a part of a complete training program on how to play badminton. Returning a serve well is key to getting a good rally going and eventually winning the point

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In this video you will learn how to prepare to return a serve in singles.

The return of a serve is crucial and you need to prepare well to respond effectively to all the different serves and get an early advantage in the rally.

Stand a little ahead of the middle of the court, close to the midline and diagonally opposite to your opponent.

The service box for singles includes the back tramlines and therefore you should stand a little further back than in doubles.

The non racket foot should be in front and both knees should be flexed.

The weight should be on the front foot with the heel down.

The back foot should be on the toes.

This stance will allow you to move forward quickly as well as backwards.

You should be stationary with both feet on the ground until the serve has been delivered and within the limits of the service box.

If your feet are lined up side-by-side, it will prevent you from moving backwards quickly.

You will be able to retrieve a low wide serve easily, but it will be tough to negotiate a flick serve where you have to move back quickly.

If your racket foot is in front, you will have to turn 180 degrees and move backwards simultaneously to return the serve.

Your positioning eventually depends on yours and your opponent's strengths.

Stay alert and focused on the opponent's service action and follow closely the flight-path of the shuttle.

Enjoy your game! .


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