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Basics: Hit the Shuttlecock Underarm

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This video teaches beginners how to intercept the shuttlecock underarm and get a feel for the racket.

This is the first lesson with the racket, do check out the following one on how to hit the shuttle overarm.
This exercise for beginners requires two players.

We will take you through everything you need to know so that you can master the technique of intercepting the shuttle underarm

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Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video you are going to learn how to intercept the shuttle underarm

This drill allows you to get the feel of the racket for the first time, develop a good sense of judgement and hit the shuttle with the correct posture.

Each player stand with a shuttle and a racket on the opposite sides of the net behind the service box line.

Player 1 places the racket on the ground and catches the shuttle thrown by player 2.

Player 1 has two shuttles.

Player 1 throws the shuttle across the net.

Player 2 steps forward, extends the racket and absorbs the shullte and lets it fall in front.

Once both shuttles are hit, player 1 picks them up and throws them again.

Once the players get the feel of the racket and the shuttle, add an upward flick of the wrist in the underam action.

Practice throwing and hitting the shuttle for 10 minutes.

It will help you develop a feel of the racket, understand the arm movement, develop a good sense of judgement.

Enjoy your game .


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