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How to Lunge

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How to lunge on the badminton court in order to reach tricky shots

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This video is great for anyone looking to work on their agility on the badminton court

This step-by-step video well help you perfect your lunging technique.

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In this video you will learn how to lunge.

A lunge allows you to maintain your balance and maximize your reach to hit a good shot.

It is essential in badminton and it is important to learn to lunge the right way to avoid injuries.

Start in the ready position with your racket in front of you.

Bend your knee and make sure you plant your heel first and then the toes.

Do not plant the heel before bending the knee as you could injure yourself.

The toes should point a little away from the shuttle so that you have some space to swing the racket and hit the shuttle.

Turn the back foot outwards so that the inside side is dragged along the ground towards the front foot.

It is important to keep your upper body upright when you lunge with the shoulders above the hips.

Stretch the non racket arm behind.

If you bend forward from the waist, it will be difficult for you to push back to the ready position.

It is extremely important that the knee is aligned with the foot.

For example when you lunge to the side, your toes should not point forward.

When you lunge, the knee should not cross the foot.

If you need to lunge further you can bend lower.

Practice lunging with a chasse step in the forecourt, the rear court and to the side.

Refer to our video, how to do a chasse step.

Enjoy your game! .


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