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Drill: Improve Your Footwork

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Get your footwork up to lightning speed with this great badminton drill

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Quick feet are essential to navigate the whole of the badminton court effectively. Remember to stay light on the toes, and keep practicing!

Working on your footwork will help you improve your game. Learn how with this exercise!

Music :
Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video you learn to improve your footwork.

This drill's aim is to work on the forward, lateral and backward movement with the rhythm of the music.

When the drum beats each time, step with the beat.

When it beats for a longer duration, jump and land on the non racket and racket foot in quick succession and switch directions from the midcourt.

Every time the whistle is blown, switch from the forward to the lateral movement, then to the backward movement and finally cover the entire court diagonally.

Developing the right footwork is indispensable to play badminton.

Practice your footwork for 10 minutes with the music.

It is indeed a great workout.

Enjoy your game .


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