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How to Hit a Backhand Overhead Clear

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In this tutorial video, you will learn how to hit a backhand overhead clear.

Do check out the video on the forehand overhead clear and the round the head shot before you try a backhand overhead clear.
This training is designed to practice with an opponent.

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to to master the backhand overhead clear

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In this video you will learn how to hit a backhand overhead clear.

The backhand overhead clear is a lob that is played only when you are not in a position to play a forehand.

The three key steps are: the preparation, the shot and the recovery.

Step - 1 The preparation. Use a backhand grip.

Start by doing a side-step as soon as the opponent has hit the shuttle. Do a chasse step and get behind the shuttle. Lunge or semi-lunge on the racket foot into the backhand corner.

Step 2 - The shot. First raise the racket straight above. Second, drop your elbow behind slowly with the racket head pointing downward. Third, rotate your elbow fast when you strike the shuttle.

The point of contact is more or less in line with the body, with the shuttle a little away on the side, unlike the forehand clear where it is hit directly over the shoulder. Do not follow through completely with your arm. There's a flick from the elbow and pull-back action to generate the power.

As a lot of the power comes from the flick of the wrist there is not much follow through on this shot and the racket head should generally finish its swing at the highest point.

Cock your wrist and do not twist it backward as you can injure it if you snap too vigorously. Avoid straightening the elbow completely to protect it from injury.

Step 3 - The Recovery. Once you hit the shuttle, land with the racket foot behind. Shuffle back and get back to the ready position at mid-court.

Practice your overhead clears with your opponent until you are able to get them nice and deep without much effort.

Enjoy the game!


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