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How to Defend a Smash

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Learn the basics of defending a badminton smash with this free video tutorial.

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Defending a smash can be tricky since the badminton shuttlecock can travel so fast. Do check out our video on the block shot.

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In this video you will learn how to defend a smash.

Defending a great smash requires good reflexes and preparation.

The three key steps are the preparation, the shot and the recovery.

Step 1 - The preparation.

Use a neutral grip.

Stand midcourt in the ready position with your racket head down and in front of you.

The knees should be flexed and your head should be at the net level.

The non racket hand should be bent and in front as well to help you balance.

Step 2 - The shot.

Be alert and follow closely the path of the shuttle once the opponent has smashed it.

Move the racket toward the shuttle and push it forward.

The racket should almost be parallel to the net.

The backswing is limited and there should be no follow through across the body.

The string tension and the power of the smash and a gentle push will carry the shuttle to the opponent's midcourt.

The trajectory of the shuttle should be flat.

If the smash is hit towards your body, it is advisable to use the backhand.

You can also clear the shuttle with a similar push and an upward flick of the wrist.

Step 3 - The recovery.

After defending the smash get into the ready position and be prepared for the next shot.

Practice defending a smash by alternating the push and the clear shots on the forehand and the backhand.

Enjoy your game! .


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