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The Wall Rally Drill

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Discover the badminton wall rally drill to improve your control.

This video is designed for badminton players who want to improve their skills...check out the rest on our website!

If you would like to learn more badminton training techniques please watch the videos on the forehand and backhand shots.

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Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video you will learn how to improve your control by doing a wall rally drill.

The wall rally drill helps you develop control, reflexes and judgement for your shots.

Mark the net line with a chalk or a tape, 5 feet from the ground.

Start in the ready position with the knees bent and the racket in the neutral grip.

You should be 3 to 4 feet away from the wall.

Hit the shuttle on the wall, using both the forehand and backhand.

The shuttle rebounds fast and you will have to switch grips quickly to alternate between the forehand and the backhand.

If the shuttle comes to your body, hit a backhand.

The wall rally drill is a great practice to develop wrist and arm strength, control, concentration and reflexes.

Enjoy the game! .


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