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Basics: Exercises with the Shuttlecock

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This video teaches how to develop the right racket movement by throwing shuttles across the net.

This lesson helps you simulate the correct racket movement. You can watch the following lessons on intercepting the shuttlecock underarm and overarm
This video is designed for beginners and help with their hand-eye coordination, as well as getting a feel for the weight and flight pattern of a shuttlecock.

The step-by-step instructions will help you master the technique of correctly throwing the shuttle

Music :
Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video you will learn how to properly throw the shuttle to develop rhythm, balance, concentration and a hand-eye coordination.

Throwing the shuttle correctly with music is a fun way to introduce badminton to beginners.

Players stand with a shuttle and on the opposite sides of the net behind the service box line.

Each player holds the shuttle with their dominant hand.

Hold the shuttle at the base with the thumb and the index finger.

Take the racket leg back and transfer the weight back and raise both the hands.

The non racket hand helps to point whereas the dominant hand helps you simulate the swinging of the racket.

Extend the arm and flex the wrist as you throw the shuttle to your partner and step forward.

The shuttle should travel over the net and straight to your partner.

Catch the shuttle thrown towards you and repeat the action.

Practice throwing the shuttle for 10 minutes.

It will help you develop a feel of the shuttle, understand the arm movement, develop a good sense of rhytym and judgement.

Enjoy your game .


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