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What is Power Walking?

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In this video, we explain the concept of power walking, as well as how it differs from race walking.

If this video has whet your appetite for power walking, take a look at our other videos in this series, which will take you through everything you need to know to get started at power walking!

New to power walking? Let us take you through the concept in this short introductory video, the first in our series on power walking. We will explain the characteristics of power walking, and what makes it different from other sports.

Voice-over: Will Davies

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What is Power Walking?

In this video you will learn about power walking.

To better understand power walking, we will first explore its characteristics, and then its health benefits.

First, its characteristics.

Power walking stands out for its speed: from 6 to 8 km/h (3.7 to 5 miles/h.)

Any slower than 6 km/h (3.7 miles/h) is just regular everyday walking. Faster than 8 km/h (5 miles/h) is considered race-walking.

Power walking is also known for its unique precision and flow of legs, arms, and hip movements.

In contrast to normal walking, these movements are amplified, allowing the walker to move faster.

One final characteristic is that power walking can be done on flat or slightly hilly terrain. More often, it is done in urban areas.

So, it is a very convenient sport that can be practised with very little equipment and in a variety of places

Next, the health benefits of power walking

Power walking has many health benefits, just like running or cycling. it can help to lower your cholesterol and to prevent diabetes and heart disease

The walker uses all of the muscles in the body, at the same time saving their back and joints

Power walking is one the lowest impact sports for the joints. It is not an intensive sport and is actually recommended for people that want to get back into physical activity.

Now that you know what power walking is all about, let's get to work!


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