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Power Walking - SikanaPower Walking - SikanaPower Walking - Sikana
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Emmanuel Lassalle - Sikana Expert

Emmanuel Lassalle

Emmanuel Lassalle started power walking in 2009. He rapidly fell in love with ultra race walking: more than 24 hours walks ! In June 2014, he finished second at the Paris-Colmar world championship: 440 km in a 52h56 minutes walk. He enjoys meeting new or experienced walkers to share with them his experiences and his passion. Driven by his desire to share, he generously contributed to make this programme with Sikana. Thank you Emmanuel!


Ready to try out power walking for the first time? We're here to help you start off on the right foot! This program includes over 30 videos teaching you all about power walking technique, helping you to achieve a fluid action, gain speed and increase your stamina when you go out power walking, as well as choosing appropriate equipment and kit, preparing your feet, warming up, cooling down and mastering your breathing technique.
Our videos have been specially created for beginners of all ages, with the aim of offering power walking novices a comprehensive introduction to the sport. Power walking is a sport that is highly accessible, as it requires very little specialist equipment and can be practised in all environments, either individually or with friends. It can also be easily adapted to your ability and fitness, making it ideally suited to people of all ages and levels, and is perfect for anyone returning to sport after taking a break or after an injury, or for cross-training with other sports.
We're delighted to have been able to team up with experienced race-walker, Emmanuel Lassalle, who has shared his passion and expertise with us while creating the program to ensure the quality and accuracy of the videos. Watch as he takes you through the correct technique as well as his top tips for getting the most out of your power walking outings.
So what are you waiting for? Let's hit the road!

Program details

Viewing time: 61 min

Number of video(s): 31

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