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Improve Your Uphill Walking Technique

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In this video, you will learn how to improve your power walking technique when walking uphill.

Watch our video "Improving Your Downhill Walking Technique" to learn how to finish our power walking session without hurting yourself!

Learn to tackle hills head on when power walking with this short tutorial, full of tips to help you improve your technique for climbing hills.

Voice-over: Will Davies

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Hannah Thompson - Sikana
Hannah Thompson
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Improving your technique for walking uphill

In this video, you will learn how to improve your technique for walking uphill. Uphill slopes can be difficult because they require extra effort. However, a good technique means that you won't slow down too much, or become too tired during the climb.

We will learn two tips for improving your uphill walking technique: improving your breathing, and increasing arm propulsion.

Firstly, improving your breathing.

In order to breathe better, the most important thing is to stand up straight, which stops your diaphragm from being compressed, and allows your ribcage to open well.

Just by itself, improving your posture could save you from having a stitch!

Breathe more deeply, taking care to exhale thoroughly, to expel the stale air from your lungs.

Breathe faster too. This hyperventilation, quite natural, will help to offset the extra effort you are making.

Secondly, increasing arm propulsion.

There are two techniques for improving arm propulsion: the first is to increase the frequency of your movements, and the second is to increase the span.

If you prefer to increase the frequency of your movements, and so your walking pace, be sure to keep your arms flexed at 90 degrees. You will naturally take more steps.

If you prefer to increase the pace of your exercise, walk with unfolded and soft arms. You will then take longer steps.

It's up to you to find the style you prefer; don't hesitate to change it along the way!

You now know how to walk uphill better. Over to you!


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