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Adopting Good Posture

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In this video, you will learn about the correct posture to adopt when power walking and why it is used.

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Posture is an essential aspect of the power walking technique. Learn how to perfect it in this short tutorial.

Voice-over: Will Davies

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Adopting good posture

In this video, you will learn to adopt a good posture, which will allow you to walk better, toning all of your body and building the muscles in your back.

To improve your posture when power walking, think of following these 3 pieces of advice: relax the shoulders, keep a straight back, and keep your hips stable.

First of all, relax the shoulders.

To do all the movements correctly, it is important that your shoulders are relaxed and mobile.

Your shoulders are relaxed when you can feel them falling backwards.

Next, keep your back straight.

Align your neck and head with your body, and keep your chin parallel to the ground.

This position allows you to keep your back straight and breathe better.

If you want to go faster, be careful not to lean forward, as that will decrease the length of your stride.

Fix on a point far in front of you, and increase your speed, whether it's taking bigger steps, or taking faster steps.

Finally, keep the hips stable, in other words don't move them from left to right.

While you are walking, your hips should move from front to back.

While you move your right leg forward, extend this movement to your hip. This reduces the impact of your foot with the ground and protects your back.

Avoid clenching your buttocks whilst walking, in order not to tense the base of your back.

Now it's your turn to put theory into practice on your favourite routes!


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