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Dressing for Cold or Rainy Weather

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In this video, discover how to use layers of clothing to protect yourself from cold and rain when power walking.

This video is one of over 30 in our power walking program. For more tips to help you prepare for a power session, check out the other videos in the series!

Watch this video to stay warm and dry when power walking! Learn how to choose layers of clothing appropriate to your power walking session and adapt them when the weather gets cold and rainy.

Voice-over: Will Davies

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How to dress for cold or rainy weather

You can still go power walking in cold and rainy weather. In this video we'll give you some tips on how to dress appropriately.

We are going to look at the technique of layering your clothes, then how to adapt it to different conditions, and finally how to accessorize.

First: layering

This is a weather-proofing technique which involves wearing multiple layers of thin clothing, instead of just one thick layer.

As a general rule, the layers are divided into three parts; the base layer, the middle layer, and the external layer.

The base layer is very thin and closely fitted to the body. It is usually polyester or sheep's wool, but very rarely cotton, which dries slowly.

The base layer's main function is to evacuate sweat from the body.

Next, the middle layer; it's looser and a little bit thicker. It's usually fleece or down.

It creates a barrier against the cold by keeping the hot air close to your body

Finally, the external layer; it protects the body from the wind and rain.

Choose breathable waterproofs, which are impermeable and minimize condensation.

Secondly: adapting to the conditions.

If there is a strong wind but mild temperatures, combine the base layer with the external layer.

By doing this your sweat is evacuated and you are protected from the wind.

If it's cold without wind, wear a base layer with one or more middle layers.

By doing this your sweat is evacuated and you retain your body heat

To conclude, here are some practical accessories.

When it rains, wear a hat made from waterproof material to stop the rain dripping into your eyes.

When it's cold, wear a scarf or a buff and breathe inside it to avoid discomfort when breathing. You can also wear a woolly hat and gloves.

Finally, carry a thermal flask with some hot water or another hot drink. Always avoid coffee though!

You now know how to dress for power walking in all weathers! The paths are waiting for you!


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