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Walking to Lose Weight

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In this video, discover our expert's advice for adapting your power walking routine to help you lose weight

For more power walking hints and tips, check out the full series, made with experts to help you learn everything you need to know!

Discover how best to practice power walking during your training sessions to help you lose weight with this short tutorial!

Voice-over: Will Davies

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Walking to lose weight

In this video, you will learn how to make the most of your walking sessions to reach your weight loss goal.

To lose wight, three criteria are very important : the frequency of your excursions, the length of the sessions, and your pace.

Firstly, the frequency of your excursions.

This is the most important criteria : the more regularly you go out, the more your body will get used to the exercise and develop your muscles. This will start a positive spiral, as the more muscle you have, the more sugar and fat your body will burn during your excursions!

Go out as regularly as possible, but make sure to take time to rest, which is necessary for the body and for motivation!

Secondly, the length of your sessions.

The body loses weight when it enters the endurance zone, which is generally after 30 minutes of sustained effort,

In the endurance zone, your breathing is heavier, you sweat slightly, and you feel your body working. You must be able to hold a conversation, or to recite a text aloud, without losing your breath. If this is not the case, slow down, because you are beyond your endurance zone.

In the endurance zone, your muscles will start using the fat, rather than the sugars, as a source of energy.

Maintain this pace for about thirty minutes every session.

Thirdly, your pace.

Speed is less important than duration, but if you keep going, the faster you walk, the more calories your body will burn.

To walk faster, you can increase your pace or your stride.

Also work on your walking technique, such as your foot or arm movement.

To burn calories, bear these three criteria in mind: go out regularly, exercise for 30 to 40 minutes minimum, and work on your speed. Over to you!


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